We Are Our Language film

The We Are Our Language Film began at the Yukon First Nations Languages, We Are Our Language Conference March 5-7th, 2013. Na-Ho Productions was hired to film the conference and interview language stakeholders around the Yukon Territory. They compiled and edited the footage into a one hour documentary.

This documentary is meant to be a promotional tool and a teaching resource. Copies of the film will be sent to native language teachers across Yukon, and it will be made widely accessible on public television and Internet.  You may watch the film at http://cyfn.ca/videos/.

Film summary:

Yukon has fourteen First Nations and eight languages that are native to the region. All of the languages are endangered; Tagish no longer has any fluent speakers. We Are Our Language asks the question; what is lost when a language is lost?

In March 2013, the Council of Yukon First Nations, Indigenous Language Revitalization Program hosted the We Are Our Language Conference in Whitehorse, Yukon. The conference brought together language stakeholders from Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and British Columbia. What unfolded was a story of colonialism, assimilation, resilience, bravery and a struggle for maintaining identity, family, and a way of life. The key to overcoming the struggle for many resides in Indigenous language.

Witness the conference, travel the territory, and hear true stories in English and Yukon First Nation languages from children to Elders, as this beautiful and heartfelt documentary unfolds.

Directed by Angela Code, Na-Ho Productions

Produced by Na-Ho Productions for the Language Revitalization Program and CYFN, 2014.

59:25 minutes

Watch the film at:  http://cyfn.ca/videos/