The Self Government Secretariat (SGS) was established in 2001 by Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) Leadership resolution. The purpose of the SGS is to support Self Governing Yukon First Nations (SGYFN) in areas of common concern relating to the Self Government and the implementation of Final and Self Government Agreements and includes those Yukon First Nations that are not members of CYFN.

Originally the SGS was overseen by a Chiefs Committee until 2008, but ti now functions as a Self Government Secretariat to Council of Yukon First Nations. The SGS currently provides support for SGYFN review, renewals and other policy and legislative efforts of common priority to all Self Governing First Nations.

SGS will continue to assist the Self Governing First Nations according to the following common objectives:

  • Developing governance models, methods and tools to support nation-building;
  • Facilitating preparedness of First Nations to negotiate;
  • Supporting exploratory and research work as directed by the Self Governing Yukon First Nations, prior to formal negotiations;
  • Providing communication and consultation requirements; and
  • Supporting development of constitutions, laws and governance structures.