The UFA sets the foundation for the Final and Self Government Agreements.
The UFA states SGYFN are to receive 8.5% of the Yukon land mass or 41,595 square kilometers as SGYFN Settlement Lands

SGYFN Settlement Lands:

  • Identified in Chapter 5 of each SGYFNs Final Agreement
  • Is owned and managed by SGYFNs
  • Divided into three main categories:
    • Category A lands designation means the SGYFN owns both surface and sub-surface rights to the Settlement Lands. SGYFN have Aboriginal rights, titles and interests in these lands.
    • Category B designation means SGYFN own the surface rights but not the sub-surface rights to Settlement Lands (sub-surface rights are administered by the Government of Yukon).  SGYFN still maintain Aboriginal rights, title and interests in these lands.
    • Fee simple ownership is complete ownership of the land’s surface or similar to what private property owners possess in the Yukon. SGYFN do not have Aboriginal rights, titles and interests on this type of lands.

Who can use Settlement Lands?

  • SGYFNs use Settlement Lands for activities such as hunting rights and control of oil, gas and mineral developments;
  • The public can access Settlement Lands provided they do not cause a significant impact (such as cutting or clearing) or access the lands for commercial use;
  • The public can ride ATVs or drive cars on Settlement Land roads or pathways as long as the roads were in existence prior to the signing of Final Agreements

For more information please refer to individual SGYFN websites for lands legislation that defines how land is managed or contact SGYFNs who own the Settlement Lands in question.